On Influences & Gravitational Pull || A Reflective Post

Something I've been thinking about recently is the concept of what it really means when people say 'opposites attract'. Do they mean it at a superficial level, or do people instantly gravitate towards people unlike themselves? Is it even true, or does it only apply to certain types of people? And, if it is true - do those people influence the person you become? I've talked a lot about my internalised battles associated with whether I want to be settled and somewhere stable, or be rootless enough to be able to jet off in an instant. (Full Disclosure: I want both of those things.) I wonder why sometimes I'm so curious to learn about the world, and others - I literally just want to do enough to pass the course and shed that knowledge the second it's over. I feel like I am my own miniature version of contradictions, that it's impossible to even fathom the idea that I even have an 'opposite' or 'similar' person to gravitate towards. But, in th…

On Gratitude, Fate & The People You Meet || A Personal Post

“I want to be happy, and I want to control my fate.”
This is the quote from ‘The Good Wife’ which I’ve talked about over and over, in a variety of contexts.
I generally believe that our futures can be altered by the decisions we make, and that ‘going with the flow’ isn’t necessarily an indication that things are always going to end up the same way regardless of your decisions – instead, it is an active choice to let instincts drive decision-making and assume that the path you’ve chosen just is. I’m an active non-fan of the ‘full-circle’ stories in television because it always catalyses a new existential crisis within me – forcing me, once again, to reassess the power of external factors on the life we lead, and whether any of that control is truly ours to harness.
But this notion of gratitude and exposing myself to individuals who fundamentally believe in a world I don’t has encouraged me to readjust my opinions, and address some of my greatest subconscious biases.
Example: I’m an atheist…

Overcoming My Fears Through Passion || A Personal Post

If you've followed me for awhile, you'll have read a little something I wrote just before 'The Good Wife' ended last spring. (Guys, it's been 11 months since TGW ended...)
I mentioned that I would be indebted to 'The Good Wife' for drawing me into its universe, making me feel so passionately about its characters, their actions and the world they developed from their inspiration, the Elliot Spitzer press conference. I said I would love the show for fuelling me with passion and so many opinions that my fears about opening up and expressing myself fell to the wayside. My need to reveal my interests, what excited and disappointed me forced me out of my shell.
For the first 15 years of my life (didn't get opinionated till Season 4-5 of the show), I had been the quiet one. I hated drawing attention to myself - and had built my online persona to relieve tension. 
When the show started to make me think, however, I needed to use my voice. I wanted to voice my o…

'Get To Know Me' Tag || 21 Questions

So, back again with another post! I have a few post ideas - but I'm having trouble articulating my perspective so I thought it was time to relax and do the 'Get To Know Me' tag.

Are you ready?! (Probably, since most of you are from my Instagram and I'm notorious for lengthy captions. Yeah, I'm gonna try and lengthen the answers.)

1. Are you named after anyone? Nope! My name was the most popular name in 1997, and that's how I got it. (I would've been named David if I was a boy.)

2. When was the last time you cried? God, I've done similar tags and usually the answer would be 'last week' but honestly, I remember crying in July last year & that's about it. I'm sure I've cried since; they just don't stand out.

3. Do you have kids? No.

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? Yes, but I'm not always good company all the time so only sometimes?

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Yeah. Need to tone it down and use it…

Discussing Season 3 of 'The Good Wife' and What-ifs || A 2016 Repost

Season 3 isn’t exactly my favourite season, and yet, I’m writing about it. Whilst the first two seasons focus primarily on Alicia’s re-entrance into the workforce, her attempts to move forward as she shields herself and her kids from increasing media attention and the reconstruction of her identity as everyone around her continues to define her by the actions they see – Season 3 is about exploring the past or a potential past – whether it be facing the consequences of past actions or getting the opportunity to find out if the ‘what-ifs’ are anywhere as good as expected. There are the mini-arcs of supporting characters which are focused on the past – Will’s potential indictment the result of a mistake 15 years ago, Kalinda choosing to stay and face her (ex-) husband instead of running in 3x22, the return of Eli’s wife, Diane rekindling her relationship with Kurt and even Peter’s attempt to rectify his ‘okay’ stint in the SA office prior to the scandal. But for Alicia – it seems to be re…

On Rory Gilmore's Home vs. Sanctuary || Gilmore Girls Revival

360 minutes of new 'Gilmore Girls' was released on November 25, 2016. This post will be dedicated to approximately 2 minutes of said revival.

After hitting a roadblock with her book writing plans (a fight with Lorelai), Rory puts it on hold and continues working on the Stars Hollow Gazette. That's until the Life & Death Brigade pay Rory a visit and offer her a night to remember. Is it completely over the top?Absolutely. But that's who they are. These guys are rich, rebellious individuals who never had to settle and become an adult because their lives are lined up regardless. These are people who are wealthy and entitled enough to buy tango bars because they hate the current music selection, and not go completely broke when they drunkenly purchase a hotel too. But there's a level of enjoyment Rory gets from the frivolous adventures because she has never been suffocated by the world Lorelai felt she was. While Lorelai could not uphold the expectations people had …

On ‘The Good Wife’ and Marking Time || A 2016 Repost

“I’ve wasted the last 20 years of my life. I don’t want to waste the next 20.” Ever since Alicia Florrick voiced these words, they’ve been sitting in my mind. When I first heard it, I was angry. I was already voicing rants about how much it utterly sucks to have Alicia write of 20 years of her life as a waste, especially coming off a breakdown where she voiced her concerns about not liking her kids anymore, and declaring she didn’t see the point of basically all she had done in the six years (and beyond). I’m still pretty bitter about the line, but yesterday I began thinking about the other emotions that were bubbling to the surface as the quote replayed in my mind. It’s funny in a way that some of us feel the show is repeating itself, with a strong indication Peter Florrick is heading back to jail, with Alicia using whatever she can to get the job or partnership she needs and/or desires – when that just might be Alicia’s point. If we’re barrelling towards a divorce to the end this ser…