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tw: suicide mentions

27 May 2017 || Tonight, I sit in front of my laptop - writing the words that I have been terrified to officialise in any way. I know this isn't going to be shared today. I know that the people I know need to know first. But it doesn't come naturally to me. Using my actual vocal chords to verbalise words which have been floating in my brain for years is difficult, especially when I'm not sure how much it matters to the people when I'm not in a relationship. In some ways, it feels like I've known this feeling forever - and I don't really want to share it with the world. In others, I'm scared of blindsiding people by waiting. At the hardest of moments, I worry it's too early to come out - because what if the label doesn't fit me enough? Labels are great. They're a great way to get an immediate understanding of someone, before you get to know them. They act as a little reminder on your phone, one that reaches the forefront of yo…

#VOTEYES | On Marriage Equality in Australia and Respect

This is your reminder to #VoteYes.

All links to various commentary, official information and helplines are in the video description.

Key Dates:

September 12: Mail out survey (could take up to two weeks to receive)

November 7: Due date to have the survey returned (preferred return date is 30 October so it is received on time)

November 15: Results announced

For online voters - people who live overseas or in remote areas, etc - there are no dates confirmed. The Australian Bureau of Statisitcs has admitted they are behind schedule in this area. (Hm, is this why it's ridiculous to spend $122m on a non-binding postal survey by an organisation which only has the power to collect and collate data? Or is the endless 'respectful debate'? I have no idea.)


#VoteYes. Have the compassion and humanity to recognise that if you intend to vote no, and you have been called out for it - put yourself in the shoes of the people who want the same rights as you. People aren't discrimin…

On 'Gilmore Girls' Overarching Theme || A Response to 'Like Mother-Daughter, Daughter-Mother'

I recorded a video version of this topic - which is a lot less concise, but jump into that if you're keen... now.

If you'd rather read, or even better - you want to hear me in multiple forums, here's your chance! Since this post is being written a few weeks after recording the video, there may be some more and improved content here. Anyway...

Even if you've never heard of 'Gilmore Girls', it's become a household name in its exploration of an 'unconventional' mother/daughter relationship - where friendship comes before parenting. It's drawn all kinds of reactions - but some of the most memorable ones are hearing about the excited mothers and daughters who are just happy to see their relationship reflected on television. Its memorability is not only in its exploration of a specific type of a relationship, but also the fact the show is not rooted in the stigmatisation of single mothers. There is no expectation a nuclear family must be on the cards …

Sharing Old Thoughts | A Reflection From 2016

I wrote something to myself last April, and well, it seems I've been having existential questions for at least that long.
April 10, 2016: It’s weird to think I’m ‘starting over’ before I’ve even hit my 20s, but I am.
It’s not exactly the major changes which define this process – but gradually shifting my mindset in hope that the last year of tumultuous relationships won’t repeat itself, at least not in the same way. Existing and going through the motions is not a way to live, and I’ve been told that ever since I hit high school – but when I sank low enough, reasoning wasn’t enough. I was fighting to pretend to be happy and optimistic about my future, when I was really falling to pieces inside. I defined myself by my grades and my refusal to open up, and as someone who rarely lets the truth spill from her, pretending to be someone I’m not ended up doing a lot more harm than good.
When I lost someone close to me this year, I ended up in a church saying goodbye and realized the most im…

On Speaking vs. Writing | A Personal Post

I'm alive and blogging!

I chose the opposite forum I usually would to share why I write. Why? Because I need to learn how to speak too.