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Post-Graduation Thoughts | Formal Night Photos


Talk about a long month - and it's not even over yet! I recently graduated from high school and yet, I've been absolutely swamped. I've recently picked up some shifts at a Chinese restaurants, and also got a new job! So, I'm currently working four days a week. It's still not as busy as school, but I guess I didn't really expect real life to pick up as quickly as it has. All my doubts about my future are still very much there, but I do have some sort of security in that I will be kept busy for a while, which is exactly what I needed. I still tend to remember the easiness of schooling days, when I wasn't freaked out about exams, so I want you guys to enjoy your education. Seriously, make the most of it, because life is totally different on the other side of it all. You might hate being there and you will be happy when it's over, but there'll always be a part of you which will still miss it.
Anyway, on another note, I just had my formal night! On We…