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Summer || Gilmore Girls || Review

“You won’t get anything unless you ask for it. And if you ask for it, maybe it wasn’t worth having in the first place. Some things are just never meant to be, no matter how much we wish they were.”-Carolyn Bates (6x22 – Gilmore Girls)This was one of the final lines Amy Sherman-Palladino wrote for ‘Gilmore Girls’ ten years ago, when Lorelai’s relationships (particularly with Luke) were absolutely crumbling and Lorelai was completely shutting down.
When the psychologist offers Lorelai the opportunity to talk, Lorelai takes it and is given advice which would make any JavaJunkie fan bawl. 'Summer' reintroduces this mindset, as Lorelai has struggled to articulate her insecurities regarding her and Luke’s relationship. It manifests itself in ‘Winter’ as Luke can’t read between the lines about why she’s so insistent about discussing surrogacy and adoption, and Lorelai can’t bring herself to explain how her insecurities stem from her past – in terms of her pregnancy, her parent’s treat…

Spring || Gilmore Girls || Review

“Sorry, did I accidentally step into 2003?”

This is what Francie says when Paris Geller verbally attacks her, reviving all the history contained in the Chilton wars. Rory’s life is still messy, as she continually attempts to find opportunities all while faking all her enthusiasm in a career that’s really not giving her a shot right now.
When she returns to Chilton, with the ever-successful Paris Geller (check her LinkedIn profile if you don’t believe me) – we see the potential everyone saw in her and how much it diverges with her current situations – both professional and personal. She charms the students, perfectly mixes hope with reality checks and never slips from her façade of stability – but Headmaster Charleston sees through it all, and attempts to give her an opportunity to find that place to settle. Here’s the thing though, Rory has always wanted to be a journalist. Unlike Lorelai, she has never been in a position where she couldn’t put herself first – and whilst she values her …

Winter || Gilmore Girls || Review

Note: I can’t cover everything, not unless I want a 5000 word essay. Hopefully, you enjoy! J Please don’t get mad at me for being honest. I do love this show – but I really want to try critiquing television better, and I don’t think I’ll be able to do that with pure appreciation or only rants.
Before the episode starts, quotes from the original series are overlayed – building to a crescendo, and bringing us back into the Gilmore world so many have craved, with its fast-talking dialogue and endless emotional truth bombs. Now it’s time to return to Stars Hollow, in all its snow-covered glory as Rory returns home after a successful New Yorker piece. We see Lorelai sitting under the gazebo waiting for Rory, where they launch into their respective speeches before sharing a sweet hug.
“How long’s it been?”
“Feels like years.” To all the Gilmore Girls fans that made it 3115 days, congratulations you’ve made it. It’s almost like nothing has changed – especially not when Lorelai breathes in and sa…

Feeling Low

I'm not entirely sure what emotion is taking over right now. The result of the US Election has affected me in ways I couldn't have possibly envisioned - because as much as I know it's not my home - I feel physically sick inside when I read stories of women having their hijabs ripped from them, when people are assaulted for going on dates with their significant other, when black men and women are profiled by a community who suddenly feel it's okay to become verbally abusive, to physically attack people, to intimidate them because it's all in the name of 'Making America Great White Again'. I wake up in the morning and I'm just low - and I shouldn't be because I just finished my second year of uni and will be spending my summer doing a social entrepreneurship course before doing my first internship at a major business firm. I was excited just two months ago, because my life was finally moving in a direction I was okay with. This year has been the oppos…

Election Aftermath & Australia's Own Backyard

If you're here: hey Instagram followers. I'm going to blog (again but you wouldn't know that). My captions were getting too long - and I can't promise I'll dedicate the time to this that makes a good blog run, but I don't think I can just stay in fandom mode. I'm barely in one at the moment, so it's time to branch out. Expect lots of contemplation, personal posts and potentially random thoughts. If you want full disclosure, I have republished some old pieces. Scroll down if you want to read what 16 year old me thought of the world.

You know what I wanted to do post-election (under the assumption that Clinton would win)? I wanted to be proud of Hillary Clinton. I wanted to still call out its hollow victory given her opponent and I wanted to discuss how she'll continue to cop it. I wanted to take a second and breathe – to not glue myself to, to not read another barrage of hate comments directed at Hillary Clinton (naïve me honestly …