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Gilmore Girls || The Complexity of Rory Gilmore (#RorysHuman)

When I first fell in love with 'Gilmore Girls', people would ask me who my favourite character was.

"Lorelai Gilmore." I would say, without an ounce of uncertainty. 

Under all my certainty, however, something was brewing. Eventually it would surface, and I would realise that the reason I didn't fully love Rory Gilmore was because I almost saw too much of myself in her, something I held back on fully acknowledging till I made my first Gilmore fan video (It's here, btw. Rory Gilmore to The Sun is Rising).

Then the revival happened. It's hilarious. I took ages to fully articulate my opinion on Rory Gilmore and then the revival took my mind map of opinions and completely scattered them, and now I'm back at square one, trying to sort my complicated thoughts on Rory Gilmore.

I've done my research, had in-depth discussions with friends, participated in social media conversations.

The simplest way to describe my feelings post-revival watch?

#RorysHuman and make…

Fall || Gilmore Girls || Review

I've watched 'Fall' at least eight times (5-6 more than any of the other episodes), sat at my laptop at least four of those times trying to find the words to review this episode and came up with nothing unique.

Starting with the first four words? How uncreative of me. Diving straight into each character's storylines? Doesn't do any justice to how much I love this episode, and how it stands out from the other three. Discussing the 'full circle' theme? Relevant, but not where I want to centralise my discussion.

This is the first time writing about 'Gilmore Girls' that I feel unprepared, which is essentially how the episode left me feeling. On my first watch, 'Gilmore Girls' wasn't shining. Its witty dialogue was missing, replaced with humour that was uncomfortable to laugh at and character choices which were questionable at best. 'Gilmore Girls' attempted to stay in its small-town bubble, trying to avoid issues which have arisen in t…