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On Rory Gilmore's Home vs. Sanctuary || Gilmore Girls Revival

360 minutes of new 'Gilmore Girls' was released on November 25, 2016. This post will be dedicated to approximately 2 minutes of said revival.

After hitting a roadblock with her book writing plans (a fight with Lorelai), Rory puts it on hold and continues working on the Stars Hollow Gazette. That's until the Life & Death Brigade pay Rory a visit and offer her a night to remember. Is it completely over the top?Absolutely. But that's who they are. These guys are rich, rebellious individuals who never had to settle and become an adult because their lives are lined up regardless. These are people who are wealthy and entitled enough to buy tango bars because they hate the current music selection, and not go completely broke when they drunkenly purchase a hotel too. But there's a level of enjoyment Rory gets from the frivolous adventures because she has never been suffocated by the world Lorelai felt she was. While Lorelai could not uphold the expectations people had …

On ‘The Good Wife’ and Marking Time || A 2016 Repost

“I’ve wasted the last 20 years of my life. I don’t want to waste the next 20.” Ever since Alicia Florrick voiced these words, they’ve been sitting in my mind. When I first heard it, I was angry. I was already voicing rants about how much it utterly sucks to have Alicia write of 20 years of her life as a waste, especially coming off a breakdown where she voiced her concerns about not liking her kids anymore, and declaring she didn’t see the point of basically all she had done in the six years (and beyond). I’m still pretty bitter about the line, but yesterday I began thinking about the other emotions that were bubbling to the surface as the quote replayed in my mind. It’s funny in a way that some of us feel the show is repeating itself, with a strong indication Peter Florrick is heading back to jail, with Alicia using whatever she can to get the job or partnership she needs and/or desires – when that just might be Alicia’s point. If we’re barrelling towards a divorce to the end this ser…

Being The Good Daughter - 'The Good Wife' fanfic || A 2016 Repost

A one-shot based on 7x17′s (Shoot) PR of Grace being accused of plagiarizing her college essay.  Note: I don’t write fiction often, but hey, I’m giving it a shot again. This is based on 7x17’s PR of Grace being accused of plagiarizing her college essay. Hope you enjoy! If you’re looking for something less sad, you’ve come to the wrong place. Also, I’m sorry if the way I portrayed Grace’s high school or the college application process was inaccurate, but for the direction I wanted to go, I needed to have the cushion of college to work through. The idea of Grace plagiarizing in order to work up conversation about not wanting to attend college was definitely on my mind but that’s just not how this turned out. I hope someone writes that fic though, because I would love it. “I didn’t plagiarize, mom.” Grace whispers, eyes downcast, when the college adviser leaves the room to collect some files. “I know.” Alicia replies automatically, yet she can’t shake the doubt from her mind, especially not aft…

What 'The Good Wife' means to me || A 2016 Repost

There are broad aspects of 'The Good Wife' I will always respect: the willingness to create female characters who are unapologetically themselves, flaws and all, and do not exist to fulfil your role model/unattainable fantasies. I’ll always love that this show taught me about the flaws in the justice system. I’ll love the existence of Grace Florrick and getting the chance to literally grow up with a TV character (well give or take a few years of non-growth). I will be forever thankful that I got to spend a portion of time knowing some of you in the fandom. I will always love that because we were bound by this show, I never had to open a conversation with ‘what do you like?’ and pull a pained face when I realised our interests didn’t align at all. I appreciate the fact the show brought attention to one of my favourite writers right now, and that this show helped me find something I really, really ended up falling in love with. But, my relationship with ‘The Good Wife’ will never…

Gilmore Girls || On Rory's Pregnancy & Lorelai's Reaction

When Rory announces she's pregnant, Lorelai isn't just surprised. She's horrified, shaken in a way that can't be construed as positive. It was a shock to the system, not the final four words - but Lorelai's reaction which suggests Lorelai & Rory may face another bump in their relationship. I spent a few days trying to fully understand the reaction - because didn't believe it was an accidental choice on Lauren Graham's part, yet I hadn't completely figured out why.

Lauren Graham & Kelly Bishop are absolute stand outs in the revival - fully re-inhabiting characters that they've spent the last 9 years not being - and they do it outstandingly. It's a tribute to their acting ability that they seamlessly return to these characters - but they return to them with the raw loss of Edward Herrmann (Richard Gilmore) sitting on their shoulders. 

So, Lorelai's reaction wasn't accidental. The facial expression was intentional - and it wasn't …

Gilmore Girls || The Development of JavaJunkie (Lorelai x Luke)

I was requested to analyse Luke & Lorelai's relationship in the revival in detail. Here goes:

There are two key themes which underpin their relationship in the revival: the fear nothing except marriage will be enough and the struggle of communication. Watching the revival the first time, it's very easy to feel like you're watching a do-over of Season 6/7. Lorelai and Luke have progressed to a de facto relationship, but their communication skills throughout the revival leave a lot to be desired. 

From Lorelai's end - consistent belittlement of their relationship by Emily has seemingly taken a toll on Lorelai. They're happy, stable and together - but it's not enough because they've been there before. Even being engaged still ended in a breakup - so when Emily insists Lorelai is not 'as good as married', but rather 'roommates' - it's a stinging assessment. And the reality is Lorelai cares what her mum thinks. 

In 2x02 - Hammers & Veils…