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Discussing Season 3 of 'The Good Wife' and What-ifs || A 2016 Repost

Season 3 isn’t exactly my favourite season, and yet, I’m writing about it. Whilst the first two seasons focus primarily on Alicia’s re-entrance into the workforce, her attempts to move forward as she shields herself and her kids from increasing media attention and the reconstruction of her identity as everyone around her continues to define her by the actions they see – Season 3 is about exploring the past or a potential past – whether it be facing the consequences of past actions or getting the opportunity to find out if the ‘what-ifs’ are anywhere as good as expected. There are the mini-arcs of supporting characters which are focused on the past – Will’s potential indictment the result of a mistake 15 years ago, Kalinda choosing to stay and face her (ex-) husband instead of running in 3x22, the return of Eli’s wife, Diane rekindling her relationship with Kurt and even Peter’s attempt to rectify his ‘okay’ stint in the SA office prior to the scandal. But for Alicia – it seems to be re…